Skype Vs Google Voice
20 Dec

Skype Vs Google Voice: Which is Better for Regular International Calls?

A popular telecommunications application that enables video chat and voice call communication across the world via phones, computers, and tablets, Skype currently has over 100 million users. Additionally, Skype also provides video conferencing and instant messaging services. On the other hand, Google Voice is a telephone service that allows call forwarding, voice ...
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Is a Hotmail Account Unprofessional?
20 Dec

Is a Hotmail Account Unprofessional, Especially Compared to Outlook or Gmail?

In today's fast-paced professional world, the question "Is a Hotmail account unprofessional?" resonates with many, particularly when juxtaposed with newer email services like Outlook and Gmail. This query is not just about a choice of email provider; it's a reflection of how one adapts to technological evolution and maintains a professional image ...
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