04 Sep

What are the Benefits of Having an AOL Account?

A fast and popular webmail service, AOL was established in the 90s. However, in 2005 AOL services were relaunched with more advanced features. Just like Outlook and Gmail, AOL is another free and paid service provider. Additionally, it has the exclusive feature of providing unlimited free storage to the user.

AOL has had more than 3 million active users since 1995. Originally a dial-up service provider in America, AOL also provides mail services like AOL email and AOL instant messaging.

What are the Free Services Offered by AOL?

  • AOL Mail – The free account has the best quality spam protection and free email service.
  • About.me Service – One precise and professional page for yourself that is available online.
  • Mapquest– A free travel site that shows your complete route from one location to another, with all the stops in between.

What are the Benefits of an AOL Account?

  • AOL is a one-stop software with mailing, instant messaging, browsing, search, and dial-up connectivity.
  • The AOL shield protects the browser with advanced security features that helps in protecting information. While online shopping or banking, there is no need to be worried about online threats.
  • AOL free scanning can detect viruses and errors that could be slowing down your computer system.
  • AOL jobs help you search for employment and get the required resources.
  • AOL members get 13gb storage space as part of AOL Photobucket, which allows them to store images.
  • AOL works in both Android and iPhone. You can get trending news and headlines on your smartphone or tablet.
  • AOL mail is the one-stop destination for all communication.
  • AOL mobile site shows all the AOL apps and sites that can be accessed with your phone.

What are the Benefits of AOL Mail? 

The AOL Mail system has some surprisingly helpful features that give it an edge. They include –

  • AOL Instant Messaging or AIM, which is a desktop program allowing you to connect with others via an instant texting service. You can also configure the AIM services to deliver messages straight to the email screen. Having the desktop presence saves the hassle of having to open AOL on your browser every time you want to communicate.
  • AOL Mails allow you to add an event and calendar which can be shared with others. Thus, teamwork can be planned accordingly and completed in time.
  • The ‘to do feature’ is like a reminder where AOL tells the users about future tasks they intend to perform. Users can create and access the to-do list on the email screen, thus preventing missing out on essential duties.

Final Say: 

AOL might be an older messaging service, but as the guide above shows – it packs a lot of handy features to become a worthy consideration. The mailing services and overall AOL account leaves users completely satisfied. In case you want to know more about setting up an account, feel free to contact us.