Requirements for Accounts

The Criteria To Get An Account

  • Mention what type of account ID you are going to upload on the uploading section
  • A pipe “|” or a colon “:” must be used to separate the data block.
  • Accounts must not be acquired through unauthorized means from genuine users. We do not engage in the sale of genuine user accounts.

The Criteria For Older Accounts

  • It must be at least three months old to be considered an older account.
  • The description should include the registration month and/or year.
  • All accounts within one application should have the same registration year.

The Criteria For Posting From An Account

  • Any poor quality or copied posts should not be posted. They must not contain any 18+ images or sex-related content.

The Criteria For Useragent And Cookies From An Account

  • The user agent and cookies should be included in the final data blocks of the uploaded information.
  • Use JSON format with Base64 encoding system to develop cookies.

The Criteria For Game Accounts

  • If you want to get game accounts, it is necessary to add a complete description without any shortened versions of words. The description needs to be on point and easy to read. We will translate it into other languages.
  • Make sure to provide all the relevant information to let a user access the account quickly and effortlessly.
  • We do not accept accounts that necessitate manual supplier relinking or any form of manual transfer for sale.
  • If it is necessary to add any screenshots, use and carefully add the link along with the description.

The Criteria For FACEBOOK Accounts

  • If the Facebook accounts have both followers and friends, the minimum number of friends should be at least 80%.
  • If your Facebook account is already engaged with a business manager function, you must mention both the ID of your Facebook account and the business manager.
  • If the package contains any token, it should be in the “EAAB” format.

The Criteria For INSTAGRAM Accounts

  • Any Instagram accounts for sale must be at least one week old.
  • Each Instagram account must be linked with an email that is working and active. Otherwise, it will be refused.
  • If the Instagram account has genuine followers, it must have a valid and verified email address.

The Criteria For TELEGRAM Accounts

  • No one used the account in the past.
  • The accounts must be in tdata format for selling eligibility.
  • There should not be any 2fa-enabled feature in the account.

The Criteria For Other Types Of Accounts

  • Any Twitter accounts for sale must be at least five days old, while other accounts must be at least three days old.
  • If any additional details are necessary to correctly login into a particular account, you must provide them in the uploading section.
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