Checking the date and IP address of the registration of accounts

01) Sign in to your Google account by using your email and password. Follow this link for faster access:

02) Now, hover over to the menu list and select “Data and Privacy.” Or you can follow this link for faster access:

03) Next, go a bit downward section and click on the “Downloading and deleting data” option, followed by the “Download data” option. Follow this link:

04) Afterward, choose the “Google account. Registration data and account statistics” option. Avoid choosing several things.

05) Go a bit downward section from the next window and choose the “Next” option.

04) The next task is manually correct the following exports settings

Receiving method → by link

Frequency → single export

File type and size → default

05) Now, tap on the “Create Export” option

06) Visit your email inbox section and download the file. Use a RAR application to unzip the file. Open it using a web browser. You will be able to see all the relevant info related to the registered account.

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