Check Instagram account email

01) First, sign in to your Instagram account by using your email and password.

02) Click on this link and wait for a few seconds until it appears:

It will show which email was used to create this Instagram account. If you have changed the email, this information will also be visible along with other account info.

03)Enter all the essential information in the empty box and tap on the “Next” option.

Then fill in the required fields and click the “Next” button.

04) Type your Instagram password when another page appears.

05) Next, a link will be sent to the email you have used to register the Instagram account.

06) Open your email inbox and click on the link. A webpage will be opened automatically. Here, you will find various information about your Instagram account. Download the info if you need it.

Next, unpack the downloaded archive. There is an index.html file in the archive.
Open it in your browser and you will see all the information about your account.


















07) Once it is downloaded, double-click on it. As it has an HTML file format, use your browser to read all the essential info about your Instagram account.




















Make sure to review the compilation of potential email addresses.

01) Does the email list empty, or does it have a single one that is mentioned in the package? If it shows the email is the primary, sole, original, or native email, it is the main email address.

02) If it shows several email addresses and doesn’t have the one that is mentioned in the package, this email address is more likely to be a fake one.

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