04 Sep

What are the Benefits of Having a Mail.ru Account?

Having an email account has various advantages. Each email service has expanded beyond just the message exchanging, which remains the core function. There are tertiary perks offered like storage and search engine synchronization. An individual’s email id is now almost their identity as numerous accounts are synced to it.

Thus security, ease of use, and smooth operations are all mandatory in such accounts. While the field is dominated by some giants, there are surprising inclusions that are reliable. Mail.ru is one such service that has a distinct set of benefits tailored to satisfy its user base.

What are the Advantages of Mail.ru?

  • Unlimited Mailbox Size – It has unlimited storage space for mails. Mailbox quota is the amount of storage space allocated for the mailbox listed under one mail account. Once you reach the limit, you have to delete or archive emails accordingly.

An unlimited mailbox size removes such problems, allowing you to store as much as you want, and communicate without hindrances.

  • Attachments up to 20gb – Attachments help transfer files faster. It might take a few seconds to several minutes to attach and send a file based on the size. As one can see, the upper limit is quite high here, compared to other email services like Gmail, which has a 25mb limit.


Thus you can send large files via this service without going through the hassle of creating a drive link for the purpose.

  • Antivirus and Antispam Protection – It protects data from malicious viruses and guarantees data security at all times. We often exchange sensitive information over mail; therefore, maintaining data integrity is vital.

Mail.ru has measures in place to protect you from viruses and spam messages. The latter often floods your inbox and prevents you from accessing relevant information. Mail.ru not only keeps your inbox secure but also clean.

  • Interface and message themes – Mail.ru has a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily access all the essential information. It categorizes the mail into an understandable list like sent mail, draft, etc. You can also set the theme for your message. This allows you to personalize every message for unique user experience.


Additional Mail.ru Services

Mail.ru also provides the cloud service, which allows users to store data in a cloud and access or share it. Cloud Mail.ru applications are available for both Android and ios in mobile phones and Windows plus Mac OS for desktop. Mail.ru also has an effective search engine.

Final Say


We hope the set of advantages listed is enough to convince you to try mail.ru for various features. We assure you that the user experience is very smooth and you will not be disappointed. For any further queries about mail.ru usage, feel free to reach out to us.