Sell Your Account

Authorize your accounts for sale in automated mode.

Both businesses and individuals can use this automatic system.

What is the course of action the store can perform?

  1. Automatically selling the accounts globally based on your mentioned price
  2. Our store engages in an extensive promotion. Your accounts will be visible on various advertising platforms, such as search engines, targeted advertising, etc. We allocate a significant amount of money for advertising on a monthly basis.
  3. We have a technical support team to solve various types of problems for our clients. The overall percentage of replacements and refunds constitutes a mere 0.5% of the total sales.
  4. Our store accepts payments from any Digital currencies, international debit cards, and credit cards from many countries.
  5. Our suppliers don’t need to pay any interest for clearing the payments of the accounts.
  6. We have a user-friendly affiliate interface
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What is required of you?

  1. Upload accounts to the store routinely.
  2. Track regularly how the uploaded accounts perform.
  3. Tap on the “Withdraw money” option.

How to start working with us?

  1. Visit the partner’s platform and enter all the essential details in the form to add accounts.
  2. Wait until the authority accepts the request. If you don’t get any approval, the cause of rejection will be displayed on the screen. But if the authority accepts your request, you are free to upload your accounts to the platform.
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