Facebook accounts guidelines

Frequently, we receive inquiries pertaining to the management of Facebook advertising accounts and issues of spam within Facebook profiles. The followings are some common questions often asked by our users.

01) Which types of Facebook accounts are the best for advertisements?

02) Which types of Facebook accounts are the best to run an ads manager as well as a business manager?

03) Which types of Facebook accounts are the best for huge advertisements and traffic arbitrage?

04) Which types of Facebook accounts are less risky to get blocked and appealing for a passport?

Unfortunately, we have no direct answer to such inquiries as we are not partnered with Facebook. However, our experts can help you to select such accounts.

We sought advice from multiple individuals who have direct involvement with Facebook advertising accounts or employ Facebook accounts for activities such as group spamming, messaging, invitations, and more.

Note: Make sure to go through all the rules and accounting guidelines before selecting a particular account. It will serve the best purpose and help you avoid picking the wrong one. You can avoid this step as it is highly crucial regardless of what social media platforms you use.

Ideal Circumstances:

01) All the accounts we sell are registered in 2015 or a prior date. Try choosing older accounts, as they function better. We have organized the accounts based on the year they were registered.

02) The IP address used during account registration and the country from which you intend to operate. We have also organized the accounts based on country.

For instance: It is necessary to use a Russian card or PayPal to use a Russian account that will work smoothly through Russian proxies.

Note: Give priority to choosing accounts with an increased level of Facebook trust, such as USA, UK, Canada, German, Japan, etc.

Ideal Circumstances:

01) We offer accounts that enable the association of your email with the specific country from which you intend to operate.

02) Each account has a complete profile with reliable information. We don’t organize the accounts based on the profiles.

03) Each account has some posts that are posted a long time ago. We don’t organize the accounts based on the posts.

04) Each account has some friends. We don’t organize the accounts based on the posts.

05) Each account is equipped with various types of securities to verify the authenticity of the account, such as email, mobile number, two-factor verification, etc.

06) The accounts gain enhanced trust when they have previously advertised white goods.

07)  Accounts instill higher confidence when they have facilitated payment for any purchases. For instance, if a Facebook account is used to buy any from Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart, or Flipkart, it will be more trustworthy.

08) Make sure to use the permanent useragent and permanent IP (proxy) to log in to a particular Facebook account. You can’t use several IPs to log in to a single account. Also, don’t forget to follow the rules and regulations strictly.

Common Facebook Bans

01) Connecting A Mobile Phone

What to do: Connect a single phone that you will always use. Avoid sending OTP to any mobile phone for temporary purposes. A single account should be connected to only a single device.

02. Sending A Front Picture

What to do: Avoid sending any selfies to verify your account if you want immediate verification. It is best to send pictures or an avatar from your account to verify the account effortlessly.

But if you have no photos or avatar, send your selfie and wait for two days to let them verify your account. You have a 90% to become successful and reusing your account.

03) Using A Passport To Confirm Verification

What to do: Unfortunately, our services don’t cover any solution to this issue. But we are still working on how to deal with it.

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