04 Sep

What Are the Advantages of Yahoo Mail Account?

One of the most popular email services launched in October 1997, Yahoo currently has 225 million users. Yahoo comprises of four email plans, three of which are for personal use and one for businesses. Users can use the webmail interface to manage and access mailboxes through a standard browser. Earlier Yahoo had options for national domain names but has now made it uniform via @yahoo.com accounts.

Advantages of Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail has a set of advantages that you will not find in other email accounts. Here are some of the features that make Yahoo mail a better choice than the rest.

1) Accessibility –You can access your mailbox from anywhere. All you need is an id and a password, and then you can log in from any device.

2) Multiple Yahoo Addresses –You can have more than one Yahoo addresses assigned to your mailbox.

3) Access Other Mail Accounts – You can check all your POP email accounts at Yahoo, a feature only provided by Yahoo. Both your work, as well as personal email will be in the same place.

4) Folders – These can help you keep your mail organized. Mails can be filtered in a way that they directly go to specific folders, or you can manually send them there.

5) Unlimited Storage – Yahoo gives unlimited storage space for files and emails, which is Yahoo’s exclusive feature.

6) Attach Large Files – Yahoo provides you the feature to shrink the file size of large files while sending them. Using this, you can send up to 2gb of files via mail.

Features of Yahoo Mail

Yahoo has a host of interesting features that are beneficial to most users. Some of these exciting and advanced features are as follows:

  • Yahoo email services include a lot of services like Yahoo answers, Yahoo search engine, Yahoo groups, and yahoo messenger.
  • Yahoo news feature keeps all its users updated about world news as soon as one opens the Yahoo mail page.
  • Yahoo mail is an extremely user-friendly application with segregated inbox, sent mail, spam, etc., which helps in easy management of data.
  • Yahoo provides a convenient storage space of 25gb. Additionally, one can send images, documents, etc. within Yahoo mail in a file size of up to 25mb.
  • Yahoo email allows you to make use of the Yahoo contact feature with which you can contact online.
  • Lastly, Yahoo online customer service helps you in cases of any malfunctioning. It is a proactive customer service helpline and will resolve any issue within a short span of time.

Final Say

We hope that the above-mentioned set of features and advantages give you enough assurance for using Yahoo mail. We assure you that Yahoo mail is not only advantageous but also user friendly. For any further questions about Yahoo mail, feel free to reach out to us.