Terms of use

1.1 The followings are the guarantees we provide if you buy any accounts from us.

→As per our policy, you will get full ownership of the account within 48 hours of buying the account. Check this link to learn more about account guidelines:  https://pvamarkets.com/accounts-guidelines/;

→ The exchange of accounts in possession for sale

→ If the account gets blocked, deleted, or has the wrong info to sign in, we will change the account and give you a new one.

→ We provide a guarantee that our accounts will work once we hand them over to you. But we are liable if they get canceled while you use them.

→ If you receive any invalid account, you will let us know the issue with in 48 hours of getting the accounts. Then we will refund the balance in your account dashboard. but you won’t withdraw the amount. You can use that balance to purchase again other accounts from us.

1.2 Here are the following courses of action you should be careful of after buying any account from pvamarkets.com website:

→ Avoid using any real IP address, such as your current location.

→ Whether it is a free, premium, or built-in VPN, don’t use any of them.

→ Don’t use any random TOR browser to access our website. Your account may get blocked.

→ Avoid using any regular proxy, shared proxy, or IPv6  to access our site.

→ Refrain from using proxies and devices acquired through illicit means.

→ Don’t use a single device or single proxy server to sign in to several accounts.

→ Virtual Private Server, virtual dedicated server, or any device that mimics the behavior or actions of another device.

→ Avoid using any poor, cheap, and highly risky programs and services.

→ Don’t use our accounts to perform any unethical and illegal activities as well as harming others.

You should only use one device and one authentic private IPv4 proxy server to login into a single account.

→ Our service doesn’t include any training and recommendation.

Once we sell any accounts, we will hand over all the information about the account to our customers. The responsibility for data preservation lies with the customer, who must handle it personally.

1.3 The course of actions we and our employees possess the authority to:

→ We retain the right to refrain from altering the originally authentic accounts. If you signed into the account, made a mistake that goes against our terms and policies, and the account becomes blocked, you are more likely to be responsible for this problem.

→ We may refuse to refund or replace any purchased accounts if you have bought an account carelessly without reading the terms and conditions.

→ We may block you and refuse to refund or replace any purchased accounts for the following course of action:

01) If you engage in spamming through email, tickets, email, or direct messaging

02) If you post false reviews or comments about the service on external platforms

03) If you show any rudeness towards our technical support team or use any offensive language

1.4 Once you click on the confirmation option, it means you have acknowledged and agreed to abide by the store’s rules. You also confirm these things.

→ You have already read all the essential information related to the accounts

→ You will replace the older password with a new one and will personally protect your purchased account to use in the long run.

→ Once you buy one or several accounts, you receive the full responsibility to handle and manage the account.

→ If you do any prohibited actions we mentioned above, your account can be get canceled. You don’t have any right to reclaim the account anymore.

→ You have acknowledged and agreed to all the aforementioned terms and conditions outlined in the agreement.

1.5 Extra Details For Suppliers

We may straight away block your accounts and restrict your access if we find you reselling the same accounts to others. As a fine of your course of action, we reserve the right to transfer all the funds from the User balance. You won’t get any refund.

If you have recently bought some accounts from us and are facing any issues using these accounts, you can go through the following links: – https://pvamarkets.com/info/ and https://pvamarkets.com/faq/

If you are still facing any issues or have any queries related to our service, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Alert: The service provided by us acts as an intermediary between individuals selling and purchasing accounts. We will not be responsible if the purchased accounts are used for lawbreaking actions or any illegitimate practices. We do not endorse spamming or any form of deceitful actions carried out using the accounts.

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