08 Mar

How Profitable is Reddit Account for Business?

There’s a reason Reddit prides itself on being the front page of the internet. Despite Reddit’s widespread popularity, with its ever-increasing base of viewers, some businessmen have found it incredibly hard to use the platform to promote their products. One publisher has gone to the extent of saying that Reddit users hate marketers – since they come across as annoying.

Most Reddit users who frequent the platform aren’t looking to buy what’s being sold. So, this begs the question: How profitable is Reddit account for business, especially in a landscape where traditional marketing approaches face resistance?

Tips to Make Reddit Profitable for Business

Reddit can be extremely profitable platform if you follow the simple steps demonstrated below:

1) Drive Up User Interaction

Reddit is an incredibly interactive platform, so most Redditors don’t take it kindly if you’re shouting at them to buy or consider your product. Instead, try the subtler approach of improving user interactivity. It can be done via submissions.

For instance, a subreddit can be created for the followers, where they are allowed to engage with the business by providing feedback. It might even include what they find best in a business, or what they wish to change.

2) Providing Customer Service

An ideal way to make Reddit profitable for business is to show potential customers how stellar the service is. Companies can easily create a subreddit thread where they provide customer service.

Companies can direct them to threads where their issues will be resolved promptly with relevant links.

3) Regular News Updates

Customers following a brand or business want to stay abreast of the latest developments. A subreddit thread can be created where a calendar outlines all the critical events in the business’s schedule.

Moreover, updates can be provided about upcoming products, their launch dates, and details. It is bound to generate interest among potential buyers as well.

Conducting Businesses on Reddit

While using Reddit, businesses must be aware that this is not a similar social media platform like Instagram or Facebook. Each site has its own rules and customs. In Reddit, blatantly selling a product will never be profitable for a business. However, if companies wish to improve customer loyalty, attract new clients, and generate interest in the product, creating a strong Reddit community is an excellent way to go about it.

Final Say

 Due to Reddit’s sheer number of users your business account can be profitable, if handled in the right way. For any further queries about how to make your Reddit account profitable feel free to reach out to us.