30 Nov

How Does Facebook Reviews Influence Consumer Behavior?

Though most of the current generation might have moved on from Facebook, it still attracts users of all ages globally. Thus, the demography on Facebook is truly vast, and reviews are incredibly varied. Just like every other platform, some reviews are trustworthy, some are irrelevant, and others are outright biased or misleading. But, the question arises: How does Facebook reviews influence consumer behavior? Before we answer that, it becomes crucial to unpack the importance of Facebook reviews.

Advantages of Facebook Reviews

Facebook reviews have some distinct advantages for businesses, which is intrinsically linked to
customer behavior. They include –

1) Improved Organic Reach – If your business receives positive reviews on Facebook, it enhances the reach compared to that of competitors. As one of the most widely used platforms, your business gets recognition organically without any promotional stunts.

2) Improved Credibility – Businesses need to get customers to trust them. Positive reviews on a social media profile are verifiable, and thus improves credibility. Most Facebook reviews have the option of attaching photo proofs, which lends a greater aura of authenticity.

3) Improved Customer Service Skills – If businesses see that they are receiving good feedback on Facebook, they are further motivated to maintain customer service skills. These include being polite and prompt with potential clients, delivering relevant information, and promptly and effectively addressing queries and issues.

4) Improved Suggestion to Users – The Facebook algorithm follows a logical progression. The higher number of positive reviews you receive ensures you have a better rank in the marketplace. In turn, you can be sure of reaching out to more customers. Users are also likely to share and thus promote your business among immediate circles, improving your advertisement scope.

Impact of Facebook Reviews on Sales

Once people share their opinion on the products and the brands they buy, other potential clients rely on them. Studies have shown how purchasers often trust what they read online, more than the process of going through the features of a product and arriving at a decision themselves.

Moreover, Facebook is designed as a social media platform where we trust and listen to other people’s reviews. On this site, a review about businesses becomes all the more impactful because buyers can see who posted it, they can check pictorial proofs, and can even check the company response.

Final Say

We have outlined how Facebook reviews shape customer behavior. If you have any further queries, do feel free to reach out to us.

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