19 Jan

How Do You Improve Your Instagram Marketing Performance?

Like most other types of social media platforms, Instagram, too, has become quite popular among smartphone users. Due to this reason, many businesses are trying to keep it within their marketing focus, alongside Facebook.

This leads to an important question: How do you improve your Instagram marketing performance in such a competitive environment? So, how are you going to defeat your rivals and attain the attention of Instagram’s 800 million users? Here are a few tips that can help you out in this aspect!

1. Switch to Business Profile

Before you begin planning your brand new marketing scheme, you will have to create an Instagram account for your business. However, if you do not wish to start from the bottom, then you can also turn your current account into a business profile.

We do provide well-maintained Instagram accounts for businesses. So, if you do not wish to create one by yourself, then you can always opt for us!

But how can this step be beneficial for you? Well, for starters, in this case, your clients will be able to contact you directly, just like your website. Secondly, you can post all of your ads without using the advertising tools of Facebook.

Moreover, you can also employ the analytics tool of Instagram, Insights, to know more about your lead accumulation.

2. Post Teasers

The audience loves to be in suspense. Hence, to grab their attention, you can post a teaser of your brand new product rather than filming a whole video.

It, in turn, will help them to get an idea about your offering and keep them engaged with it, as they don’t know much about it.

However, while creating teasers, make sure to be as subtle as possible. If you do try to be too pushy, then your potential clients might leave you.

3. Opt for Instagram Stories

Several studies suggest that most people tend to watch the stories of a person or a business before moving onto the published posts. It almost works like the status section of Facebook and WhatsApp.

So, instead of posting the photos of your products on your page, you can, sometimes, also upload it to your stories. It might help you in generating a lot more leads than usual.

Final Say

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