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Twitter is one popular social network websites and most of its users are active. About half of Twitter users tweets, follows and share posts every day. Marketers can earn more profit on this platform than on any other one. Many users sell their accounts to company and thus both buyers and sellers earn profit.

However, selling a twitter account is not legal even though users do that to earn not much profit. Many consider selling accounts as unethical for just making profit. But, you can purchase verified twitter account that is for sale from other users by the safe way and it’s not unethical. There are lots of reasons that will make you to buy them. So, let see what they are.

Reasons to buy bulk twitter accounts:

  • The first option is you want to increase social media engagement because you own business or a personal brand.
  • The second option is you want to avoid the routine and tedious way of getting legitimate followers.

The first option is a good reason to buy bulk twitter accounts. You will get the desired brand representation by just paying to accounts sellers. If your existing account has fewer followers then buying a new one is a good idea. Keep the old account as a customer service one and keep the new one as the main account. Right branding is an important thing for any business and they are the reasons why buying the accounts is not unethical. Twitter website has a process to take over a username which means you can gain complete control of the account username that you have purchased.

However, if you buy Twitter accounts just to avoid the legal way of increasing audience amount it's not worth it. What use is that if such accounts give you followers but don’t improve your branding representation? On the other hand, you should know how to manage the purchased accounts otherwise you will waste both all your money and efforts. Your audience will disappear fast and the investment will be wasted. Therefore, you should know what account to buy or not. Choosing an appropriate account can bring more benefit to your business and personal brand. So, let see what kind of accounts you should purchase.

Buy active Twitter accounts

Buy only accounts that  are active and have good number of followers. There is no point of purchasing or investing your money on fake and dead accounts. Your business will not make any profit from them as none of the audience will see it. Never buy the old accounts that are no longer available or blocked. Therefore, check for the activeness of account before purchasing them.

Buy real Twitter accounts

Many accounts are fake or unreal so investing in them is a great loss for your business again. If you choose real accs you will get the account that already have some followers. Therefore you can easily promote your product or brand. Moreover, you can also choose the new account which has not much audience so that you can choose your own audience. Use the account to get more followers by sending them invitation via email. Tell them about your new business and increase your followers. All the accounts over the site are official and come with real followers.

Buy verified Twitter accounts

You should always purchase the verified Twitter accounts for sale. The verified accounts are real and can be used without any problem. Accs offers the verified accounts that are either verified by phone number or email. All the accounts are created using different IP addresses. However, some IDs were inactive from a long time but they are not blocked so you can buy them as well. Such accounts are good to use and create a brand whereby your audience can stay connected with you.

If you buy the new account then you will have to pay differently than for old accounts. Prices vary, so choose carefully and as per your requirements.

How to buy a Twitter account?

You should use the safe way to buy these accounts. Use escrow services to purchase them where you have to put money into it. Once you get the account, the money will be transferred to the seller. However, if the seller is not real and you don’t get the order you have placed then escrow will transfer the money back to your account.

But, if you don’t know where to buy twitter accounts go to and place your desired order. You will get everything that you need on

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